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Battery Tester Industry Leader

Get Fast And Accurate Industry Leading Results Testing Sealed Lead Acid, VRLA, SLA, LA, AGM, or Gel Cell 6v and 12v Batteries With An SOC Tester Battery Analyzer

SOC Tester Battery AnalyzerMake the intelligent choice for ultimate reliability, ease of use and simple implementation.  Choose the same tester used by the industry's leading testing companies worldwide.  With the SOC you, your company and your customers benefit from revolutionary technology and a proven battery testing track record. Don't forget about the piece of mind so you can sleep at night, knowing industry leaders choose and trust, the SOC Tester Battery Tester

Allows the user to acquire a battery's true state of charge (TSOC™) total health and capacity in less than a minute! That means an economical battery maintenance schedule is not only achievable, but cost effective when compared to the alternative early and unnecessary battery replacement costs.
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Tests 6 and 12 Volt SLA, VRLA, GEL & AGM Batteries
3 Ahr to 140 Ahr

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