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SOC testers can last for decades with proper service providing you with a quick, proven and lasting reliability you can count on.

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The SOC line of test equipment provides you with the results you need to make on the spot decisions and ensure ultimate reliability. Meet compliance testing demands quickly and accurately with lab and field proven results. Go For It.

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You Can Experience Ultimate Reliably Utilizing The SOC Just Like The Government Agencies And Institutions Found Below.

A Quick Solution With Lasting Payback

Deploy Your Solution Easily, Quickly And Permanently.

Your battery analyzer is designed to provide you with accurate and reliable results for decades of service with proper maintenance.

This sophisticated battery test equipment allows the battery tester to exercise and explore the battery’s internal profile and produce a true state of charge revealing the batteries true AHR capacity and ability to perform under load.


The 43 second load test application and analysis process has shown to be as reliable as the information derived from a standard 20 hour full battery discharge test.


The SOC has simplified the process of testing VRLA, AGM, Gel Cell and all other lead acid battery types, with a fast and accurate testing solution that allows for on the spot and in the field decision making instead of in the office analyzing.


Eliminate the two critical factors that result in 98% of all battery backup system failures (faulty batteries and operator error) with a fast, easy to use battery tester with exclusive industry leading accuracy.

20 Hour Discharge Results

In Less Than A Minute – Discover How Cutting Edge Technology Can Provide You With An Innovative, Simple And Proven Solution To Your Battery Testing Problem

You Get Fast And Accurate Industry Leading Results Testing Sealed Lead Acid, VRLA, SLA, LA, AGM, or Gel Cell 6v and 12v Batteries With An SOC Tester Battery Analyzer

Simple To Operate Minimizing Training Time & Eliminating End User Error

98% of all UPS system failures are the result of faulty batteries and end user error. You eliminate the end user error variable with simple operation, easy to understand straight forward results and instructions right on the tester that allow for minimal training time & immediate ROI right out of the box.

Enables Quick Decisions 20hr Discharge Results In Less Than A Minute

You need the ability to make quick decisions when testing in the field and with the SOC tester series you get it. On the spot quick decision making is easy with simplified operation, no extra steps or data for you to crunch, and no wasted time. Just simple, proven and straight forward results you can count on.

Unmatched Accuracy, Reliability & Repeatability. Rough, Tough & Ruggedized

From the proving grounds of NASA to the Pentagon to the industry standard for the largest compliance testing company in the world, the SOC is the unmatched leader for accurate, reliable, repeatable, time tested and lab proven results you can count on. Powerful, proven and industry leading results, period.

Mission Critical Apps – Safety & Security Industry Leaders

Battery Testing Compliance is vital to the people being protected by it. Ultimate Reliability = Ultimate Assurance

From NASA to the White House. From The Pentagon to the Largest Compliance testing company in the World. The SOC is providing Ultimate Global Reliability.

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