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Hear direct from end users, managers, technicians and scientists.  You get simple operation, the ability to make quick on the spot decisions and ultimate reliability.  Go For it.

A Battery Testing Solution You’ll Love

The SOC line of test equipment provides you with the results you need to make on the spot decisions and ensure ultimate reliability.  Meet compliance testing demands quickly and accurately with lab and field proven results.  Go For It.

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Discover an innovative solution to your battery testing compliance.

Mission Critical Apps – Safety & Security Industry Leaders

Battery Testing Compliance is vital to the people being protected by it.  Ultimate Reliability = Ultimate Assurance

From NASA to the White House.  From The Pentagon to the Largest Compliance testing company in the World.  The SOC is providing Ultimate Global Reliability.

You will acquire a battery’s true state of charge (TSOC™) total health and capacity in less than a minute.  That means an economical battery maintenance schedule is not only achievable, but cost effective when compared to the alternative early and unnecessary battery replacement costs.  You will also discover if your new replacement batteries are up to specs before install, saving you from an expensive and time consuming situation.

Battery Test/Analyze 6 & 12 Volt SLA, VRLA, GEL & AGM Batteries 3 Ahr to 140 Ahr.

When You make the intelligent choice for ultimate reliability, ease of use and simple implementation, You are choosing the same tester used by the industry’s leading testing companies worldwide. You, your company and your customers benefit from revolutionary technology and a proven battery testing track record. Don’t forget about the piece of mind so you can sleep at night, knowing you are on the same track as industry leaders that choose and trust, the SOC Tester Battery Tester.

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You Can Experience Ultimate Reliably Utilizing The SOC Just Like The Government Agencies And Institutions Found Below.

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