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Battery load testers are a specific type of battery tester.  There are many different types of battery test equipment and each type has a specific purpose and level of accuracy.  Usually battery analyzers do not apply a load to the battery under test, However the SOC tester is very unique.  The SOC tester applies a load to the battery under test in order to exercise and analyze the batteries infrastructure. 

All load testers are not created equal.  All battery analyzers are also not created equal.  There are several factors to look out for in a tester when you will be utilizing it for your battery management system.  Does the tester consider temperature as a variable?  Does the tester have repeatable results?  Does the tester have a load level that will actually exercise the battery under test?  Does the Test equipment apply the same load to a 10AHR battery as a 100AHR battery or is the AHR altered as an input variable?

If the tester will fit in the palm of your hand, it is not a truly functional load tester or at least not an accurate one.  There is a reason professionals choose a functional load tester over a handheld.  And there is a reason uninformed individuals choose a handheld unit.  Handheld = Quick and easy with low accuracy.  It is the lazy man's cure.  The lazy way usually works out in the beginning and then ends up coming back to haunt you.

When you have critical apps you need to know the true value of your batteries.  The SOC series will show you the true capacity of the battery under test and is the choice of the industry leaders.  It offers fast and accurate battery load tester results unequalled in the industry for on the spot decisions.  Leave the analysis to the machine and solve the biggest problem facing backup power "98% of all UPS failures are the result of faulty batteries and operator error"  Solve your problem with a quick and lasting solution, the SOC tester.

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