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NASA Glenn Research Center Is An Excellent Proving Ground For Your Equipment

NASA solved their battery testing problem by using the SOC to ensure mission critical UPS backup systems come online when they need them the most.  Read the full NASA case study below:

"It is our responsibility to service and maintain battery backup systems here containing strings of hundreds of recombinant batteries primarily 6 and12 volt. These UPS systems backup many mission critical rigs and computer racks, hubs and routers, security systems and facility operation systems. The health of these batteries is critical to the success and completion of our operations, testing and research. Any battery string in any one of these UPS systems and battery backed up security systems is principal to the operation of this facility. 

 In the past we have outsourced battery maintenance and replacement. We here at NASA Glenn have to be innovative. This has created a foundation to grow and yet economize. One way is using the newest state of the art of equipment i.e. [The Soc140]. As we have shopped for and researched the market for battery health testers, we have found the Soc140 to be ideal for our needs to keep our backup systems running at optimum performance and support in battery longevity, as well as battery matching solutions.  

We the management as well as the skilled tradesmen feel this equipment is very effective in isolating trouble spots in our battery strings. We have 20 to 30 large UPS’s and a myriad of smaller back-up systems requiring maintenance and we’re confident the SOC 140 will do the job.  This research facility is an excellent proving ground for your equipment."


One Of The Many Industry Leading Testing Companies Experiencing the Benefits Of The SOC...

The SOCTESTER is the industry leader for accurate portable battery testing.  Let's start off with the life safety industry, or to be more specific, the Fire Alarm, Detection and UPS Testing Industry.

The SOC is used by thousands of technicians across the globe in the arena of fire alarm, Detection, Security System UPS, Emergency Lighting UPS, and mission critical backup UPS systems.  The SOC Tester is utilized and trusted in the testing of the largest and most complex battery backup systems in existence.

Simplex Grinnell / Tyco Fire & Security, a major business segment of Tyco International Ltd., currently provides electronic security and fire protection solutions in over 100 countries. With over $11.5 billion in annual sales and over 90,000 employees, Tyco's products and services are used to safeguard firefighters, prevent fires, deter thieves and protect people and property. Through their own controlled lab tests, Tyco and SimplexGrinnell found the SOC to be the only accurate tester on the market for ups battery testing.

Results from Tyco's independent controlled lab tests?

None Of The Other Units We Have Evaluated Provided Reliable Results...As A Result Of Our Testing, The SOC140 Is The Recommended Battery Test Unit

"After completing tests of many units against an actual 20-hour discharge test (which is the best indication of battery health) we have concluded the SOC140 can complete the test accurately in less than 43 seconds.  The unit also has the added advantage of leaving the batteries in a high capacity state, rather than highly depleted. None of the other units we have evaluated provided reliable results.  As a result of our testing, the SOC140 is the recommended battery test unit."


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