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What kind of tester will work with your specific battery type?

Click here to learn more <-Life safety systems to critical fire alarm backup systems rely on continuous power and NFPA specs require backup batteries to be load tested to insure continuous power.     It is important to remember that all load testers are not created equal and skimping on the budget in this aspect is a liability at least.

Designed to test the mission critical backup batteries in an uninterruptable power supply.     As this type of battery may vary greatly in size, technology and chemistry, picking the appropriate ups battery tester is quite important for the desired level of accuracy.     When critical systems fail, results can be less than desirable.

You can get them cheap, but you usually get what you pay for. An inexpensive load tester may be as simple as a large resistor or may not put the load on the battery you were expecting.     Precise and accurate testers are few and far between.

AA Battery tester

Testing batteries in small devices and tools. These are usually fairly simple devices to use and can be very inexpensive. Check out this resource for a AA battery tester

AAA Battery tester

Just like the former AA tester, a AAA tester is usually the same type of simple device and relatively inexpensive and extremely simple to use.     Again, check out the link above.

Battery Analyzer

A device designed to measure and analyze the inner workings of the battery under test.     As the description implies, the more complicated and intelligent the process, the more expensive the device.

Security battery tester

When you are depending on security, it doesn’t do much good if the supply powering your security is interrupted. Many high security areas have electronics controlling access to certain areas. Maintaining backup batteries in this area is critical.

Alarm battery tester

Your alarm doesn’t do much good or provide you with the safety and security your home or business requires if it won’t come on in the event of a power failure.  Even more critical an application would be a bank.  Think about what happens when the bank security system goes offline.

Boat Battery Tester

Small boats use batteries for starting engines. Bigger boats use batteries for running reserve power.     Cargo ships and Cruise ships rely on that power quite heavily. Without reserve power for the crew to live aboard, navigation and communications and starting power, the results would be catastrophic.

Railroad battery tester

Railroads block cars from entering the tracks, but when the power goes out, what do you think ensures the cars can’t get out in front of that moving train?     Battery backup power, and those batteries need to be tested to ensure when the power goes out safety is kept for the common motorist.

Locomotive Battery Tester

Locomotives or trains once ran on coal, and maybe a few still do, but in today’s world many run on electricity and when that power goes out the backup batteries ensure the passengers or cargo will not be stranded and will make it to their next stop.

NiCad Battery Tester

There are many different chemistry make ups to batteries and a NiCad tester is designed to test a Nickel Cadmium battery

Automotive battery tester

Some testers are more suited to UPS systems and some make more sense for automotive applications.     A Car battery tester is usually a quick and somewhat accurate test method.     Critical applications are a whole different story and in the UPS market a quick and somewhat accurate reading just won’t fit the bill.

Lead acid battery tester

Lead acid batteries are most prevalent in vehicles and UPS systems.     The test for these applications can have various levels of necessary accuracy.

Gel Battery tester

Gel Cell is a term usually used to describe a battery with an electrolyte solution that is gelled and not spill-able. These batteries have been replacing wet cell batteries, but when a lead acid gel cell is no longer a wet cell the specific gravity method of testing is no longer available.

AGM battery tester

This is a tester for a specific type of battery, usually similar to the testing of gel cells.     This type of battery is made of lead and glass mat.

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